Parenting: Car journeys with babies

I read the other day that a woman's car is an extension of her handbag, and post baby for me, they're not far wrong!  My car is now a tip and the other day I was rather glad!

Yes this little bundle can fill up a car

I picked Max up from nursery and we set off home; this should have taken a maximum of 15-20 minutes.

It took an hour.

There had been an accident so we had no choice but to sit and crawl along until we got home.  I never moan about sitting in traffic because you don't know what has happened and how bad would you feel moaning that you were going to be late for tea when some poor soul could have lost their life??  Think about it!

Anyway I am glad my car is a tip as Max at 18th months and a full day at his nursery was in no mood to be stuck in the car for an hour and he lasted 45 minutes which I think was brilliant  (the last 15 minutes to our house were pure hell though).

First 10 minutes we sang.  Well, I kinda sang and Max boogied and did the actions.

Next 15 minutes I found a tube of Pringles (thank you daddy for forgetting to take them in the house) so we ate.

Next 5 minutes I managed to reach back and give Max a book so he 'read'.

30 minutes in and I'm now pushing my luck.

Next 15 minutes were spent playing on mummy's phone.  That soon joined the half eaten pringles and book on the floor!

Then he was bored, no CD, no singing and no book would satisfy him and he cried and whined the rest of the way home and the only time he went quiet was when I took his shoes off !?!?
Parenting: Car journeys with babies

Note to self - must add more supplies in the car.

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