The friends you have when you are 12....

The friends you have when you are 12....

My friends will know the title of this post is in relation to my all-time favourite film - Stand by Me.

Last night I started to semi-watch a program called Dark Matters: Twisted but True and the episode was on Monster Study which was a stuttering experiment conducted on orphans in 1939.   I didn't get to watch much of the program as I drifted off thinking about when I was 11 and living up at my nan's (I'll leave that explanation for a whole other blog).

My nan lived on an estate which had many blocks of flats and maisonettes.  Opposite her flat M lived.  She was the same age as me and I'd known her for a few years now as before I went to live with my nan I used to visit every summer and M became one of my goods friends.  She had a stutter and she got picked on - ALOT!

I didn't go to the same school as M when I moved up to Kingston so I never saw her get picked on there, but she would tell me all about it at the weekends or in the evening when we'd play out until dark.  The local kids would laugh at her and just be mean!  She'd whack them one and run off crying and would spend a lot of time in her bedroom with the largest amount of Barbie (or was it Sindy back then?!) accessories known to man!

I haven't thought about M in a long time and this awful Monster Study really pulled at my heart to think back about how M struggled in her childhood years just to communicate with everyone.

M, me and C enjoying our Street Party
Think it's quite obvious by the pictures who got married ;)
(I swear I've got my mouth open in most of my pictures !!)

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