What's in your handbag?

MoneySupermarket is running a competition to win £1,000 luxury handbag prize.  All they ask it you describe what's in your handbag!

So, I removed the 58 pieces of paper, receipts and rubbish from my bag and was left with this....

what's in my handbag

So what have we got?

- The bag itself is a birthday present and is the Gorjuss fair lights range £38

- My tiny umbrella from boots I have no idea of price and the usual tissues, food, sweetener... and bottle opener are up in the top left corner.

- Gorjuss accessories bag (£10) is holding all my make-up which is £priceless and sitting on top of my chequebook - yes, they do still exist!

-  Samsung Galaxy II worth approx £280 (now) is above my fabulous card holder I got off eBay £6 and under that is Max's calgel!

- Various pens, one of which usually belongs to Gorjuss jotter pad worth £7 and obviously if my pens run out I've always got the blue crayon!

- My work ID badge is on the end along with my dentist appointment - the only bit of paper now (well for today anyway, let's not get over-excited) only piece now in my bag.

- All important headache tablets and various hair accessories are either side of my lovely Iron Fist purse £27.

A couple of bits are actually missing from my 'day' bag and that's my jotter pad and my camera - obviously, I was using my camera to take this picture.

I do, like most women have several other bags, one for going out and one for the weekend but I picked my daily one - which let's face it - is the one that holds most of my car.... stuff!

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