My son the Daredevil!

A couple of weeks ago Max went on his first bouncy castle slide.  It was way-way too big for him and took him a good 15 minutes to master the steps! Once Max got to the top he just sat there waiting for someone to give him a little push!  Bless him!  He sat there for quite some time before finally shuffling his bottom enough to come down the slide and this was the effect:

Today, we've been to the local fun day and I swear I've aged 60 years - 10 years for every time this little boy who is 20 months old going on 20 - went up and down the slide.

Can you see him?  He's the tiny spec in the pictures!!

my son the daredevil

my son the daredevil

Such a little daredevil !

Such a little daredevil!

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