Postcards from the edges

I recently won a set of Cath Kidston postcards thanks to United Response.  This was run as part of the Postcards from the Edges project.

United Response wants people through any form of art such as poetry, drawing, stories etc. affected by disability to express what is important to them.

I also received a pack about the project and the opportunity to create my own postcard, either on paper and send it back to them or online.

I chose online, but will give the paper version a go too - why not check out their website and create your own postcard - I KNOW I have some talented friends that could do something great with these.

My online postcard is below - why did I choose Mental Health? Because one day I came home from work and didn't realise my mother wasn't well.  She grabbed me as I walked into the house and whispered the neighbours had been spying on her.  She informed me she had called both the police and BT because the phone was being tapped and all the while gripping my wrists with strength I had no idea she had.

I froze!

I cried!

I called my big sister for help.

Mum is much much better these days and is now 'chemically balanced' as this is what was wrong.  Sometimes people aren't quite wired right, their brain waves are not quite aligned and therefore can cause health issues such as Paranoid Schizophrenia - this is nothing to be ashamed of and just because it's not seen - doesn't mean it's not important and not painful.

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