Magic Moments

enjoying our day out

Max is currently going through 'a phase', well, at least, I hope its just a phase.

He's been very clingy to daddy of late, and I can't blame him his father is a super dad, well liked and basically, everyone likes to be around him.

Unfortunately though and at the risk of sounding selfish, this breaks my heart slightly.  To see Max so upset when daddy leaves the room and I'm still there.  To have him cry and try and lay on the floor when I take him out the house without daddy - I look like I'm trying to kidnap my own son!

So what's the magic moments?

Well, this weekend we went to LolliBop and my boy was fantastic.  He sat with me on the train and we played the whole hour and a half train ride to London.  We played on the grass, had a lovely picnic and had lots of laughs, hugs and giggles.

He travelled for nearly 3 hours there and the same back and my boy was as good as gold.

There is nothing quite like being a parent.

enjoying our day out

enjoying our day out

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