Travel Your Way and win £1,000

Competition Now Closed

Rhinocarhire is running a competition based on modes of transport and how you travel.  They want to see your favourite snaps for each mode of transport be it Road, Air, Rail or Sea.

I've used my photos from our American trip back in 2010.  The only one missing from the above list is rail.  We did use the monorail that runs down the Vegas Strip - but no pictures I'm afraid (well actually that's not true, there may well be pictures but I couldn't find one in our 2,000 snaps that we took.....)

Spoilt for choice here as we did Route 66 as part of our holiday and I could fill the whole server up with our pictures!  I decided to use the most colourful and unusual Lombard Street in San Francisco

Travel Your Way and win £1,000

Whilst in Vegas we went over to the Grand Canyon.  A MUST PEOPLE!!  We travelled over by helicopter and how I did not pee myself with excitement is beyond me!  I love to travel by helicopter (I make that sound like I do it all the time!!).  I do though, I love love love it!  Anyway, I resisted putting up one of the many pictures of me grinning wider than the Cheshire Cat and picked the view of the Vegas strip from the air.

Travel Your Way and win £1,000

Back to San Francisco for the water picture.  I wanted to put up the picture of the Golden Gate Bridge as we passed it coming back from Sausalito (because we missed the coach!) BUT I'm not entirely convinced it exists you know!  I'm sure everyone must photoshop their pictures...... I'm only playing, it was quite foggy that day so we only got the top of the bridge.

We did, however, manage to get this fantastic shot of Alcatraz!  Oh yes, you can not come to San Francisco and not visit this infamous prison.  I'm not a fan of sea travel but that went out the window this day.


Have you entered too?  Would love to see your photos if you have.

Good Luck

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