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I know I know I sneaked in the C word but it will be here before we know it and is it just me or is buying presents for men difficult?  I always struggle and end up with good old faithful - socks & jumpers!! have some great gadgets and gizmos on their website which are ideal presents for Christmas and one of which is the iPod charger.

This great little charger worked brilliantly for us when at the end of the day (when you've played too much Candy Crunch) and your battery is running low you can just pop this in the bottom of your phone and it charges your phone/iPod backup without the inconvenience of leaving it in the docking station or plugged in at the wall.

It's very easy to use, lightweight and hardly noticeable.  For such a small product it is amazing that this will give you an extra 250 hours standby time, up to 5 hours of talk time and up to 20 hours of music time.  So with that extra bit of juice, I'm sure that will last until you reach a charger or end of the day, it certainly does in our house.

What we have found is the phone starts to run out of life by around 5pm and this is when it goes on the charger for most of the evening - and you can guarantee it's when it's sitting in the docking station is when it's going to ring!  So what we have been doing is charging this little beauty during the day then in the evening when we get in from work just plugging it into the phone to charge up and that lasts until we go to bed, when like the rest of the UK I'm sure, all phones are put on charge.

It only cost £12.99 and is ideal for long trips or knowing you will be out for a long period of time.  If you click on the product page you will see it has 4.5 stars.  We are very pleased with this product and the compact size means you can use this as a stocking filling or even a tree present!

The website has lots to choose from such as personalised products, movie themed gadgets and even jewellery for men, so I've compiled a Pinterest board to show my top 9 products and some may end up under the tree (mind you, I quite fancy the Memphis Record Player myself).  Ho ho ho.

Do you have a favourite gadget?

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