Craft: What to do with printed photos

I know we are in the digital age but I still end up with photos floating around the house.  Mainly of Max and his nursery pictures or just images which were in photo frames but have been replaced with an updated picture.

Up until recently these pictures have been dotted around the house and the mantelpiece.  It was when I was standing at the fireplace looking at the pictures then the mirror that I decided the mirror was the perfect place for the pictures!

random photos dotted around the house

hang up photos with ribbon and pegs I have a lot of ribbon in my 'craft room' (also known as daddy's game room or Max's messy play room....) and I recently purchased a bag of miniature pegs from the local toy shop for £1.  I wasn't sure what I was going to use them for when I bought them but couldn't ignore them for a £1.

Now it doesn't need to be ribbon, it can be a thread, wool or even string.  Basically, whatever you have lying around will suffice.

I have chosen my wonderful Gorjus ribbon to use for this.  I stapled the top of the ribbon to the very top of the mirror and just let it hang down.

hang up photos with ribbon and pegs
I then took each of my pictures and hung them up with one of the miniature pegs up against the ribbon.  There is no weight to anything so the ribbon holds the pictures really well and what better way to brighten up a mirror (other then decoupage it of course...).

The final image is of my mirror as it stands today but anyone who has tried to take a photo of a mirror will know its darn hard not to get yourself in the shot!  So I went all out and posed fully on in the middle of the mirror as I took the photo - and then covered the glass over in photoshop - after all, the image is not about what's in the mirror it's all about what's around it.

My wonderful family.

hang up photos with ribbon and pegs

hang up photos with ribbon and pegs

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  1. I think I'll do this with our cards this year, you can buy red pegs from hobbycraft (but they are a bit more expensive - surprise !) :D


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