Review: Tree Fu Tom products

review of Tree Fu Tom

Earlier on in the month saw a Tree Fu Tom launch up in London to review the new DVD, Magazine and to meet Tree Fu Tom himself.  Unfortunately, as we were going on holiday the following week I was unable to take Max so we were sent the goodies to review at home and on holiday instead.

watching the new Tree Fu Tom DVD

Tree Fu Tom is currently shown on Cbeebies and I have it on good authority (Grandma) that Max loves him.  When we got to our hotel, whilst we unpacked and found our feet I put the DVD on and saw first hand that Grandma was right.  Max did the actions with Tom and then picked up the little action figure which came with the DVD and held it out to the DVD and sat and happily watched the program (with Tom).  The DVD is definitely a hit in our house now and highly recommended.

reviewing Tree Fu Tom toys

We also took on holiday the mini doodler and bearing in mind Max is not yet 2 he soon got to grips with how this worked.  He would get either myself or daddy to draw a picture and be amazed at the image slowing disappearing - this was also a hit on the plane.  I must admit, I was rather impressed with the durability of this toy.  Max was pressing quite hard on the 'screen' and it didn't do any damage to it what so ever.

When we got back from holiday I let Max have the colouring book and magazine.  Crayons always go down well in our house and its Magazine, although a bit old for Max at the moment did not stop him from sitting down with me as we read through the pages, coloured in pages and of course got the stickers out.

If your little one likes Tree Fu Tom like Max does there is a variety of goodies and stocking fillers which can be found at Amazon among other places - I would recommend the Mini doodler.

reviewing Tree Fu Tom toys

We were sent these items to review but this did not influence my opinion on the products.   
All words on this page are my own.

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