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Tots100 are running a competition to win £500 to spend at Swell UK.  The competition is to write a pet memory and details can be found here.

I could quite easily have written about Maliki who grew his doggie wings a couple of months ago, as he was the most wonderful dog I ever knew, but I'm going to write this blog about my first pet Billy.

I remember getting Billy (named after my Grandad) from our neighbour who's cat had kittens.  Mum had given me permission to have one and I was over the moon.  I ran down the street to collect Billy as soon as he was allowed to come home.

Over the years, I would come home from school and go straight for the cat.  He would sit in my pram as I pushed him around the garden.  Sit on my lap of an evening as we watched TV and was often being carried under one arm around the house.

He bought me all sorts of presents much to mum's disgust and I think mum's shrieking at the 20th dead mouse he'd bought in gave him the hint that these were not the nicest of presents to give to a human - and especially not on their pillow.

It was only recently when my sister and I were reminiscing that I found out that I had a completely different relationship with Billy to everyone else!  To my horror my sister told me that Billy wasn't the most friendliest of cats!  That he hated being picked up and would clamber out of her arms and run off if anyone else tried to pick him up!  I still to this day am not sure if her memory has been effected by age......

This post is an entry into the Tots100/Swell UK competition

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