Letters to my son - Nursery update

I have a personal blog which I write just for Max.  The aim is to one day give him the blog to read over.

Dear Max,

12 weeks ago you started your new class in the nursery - the toddler group.  I can't believe it has only been 2 and half months!

Now when we go into nursery you can walk to your peg, this is after saying cheese and pointing at your picture - yes you're pulling your cheese pose which I love so much.  You now also take off your coat...and usually your hoodie too, but the weather has turned colder so we usually have a little battle of wills to get you to put that back on!

You walk into your classroom turn around give me a kiss and say bye.  This chokes me every time but I know you're doing so well and enjoying yourself.

Up until yesterday, we have been having tears at the window (yours, I save mine for the car) but this week you have stood there looking sad but no tears.  Your carers come and support you as you watch me leave.  If you read the blog on your first day in toddler group you will see that you have come on so much in that short space of time.

I miss you whilst I'm at work and I'm sorry I don't spend every day with you at home.  I hope will all my heart I made the right decision by going back to work so I (and daddy) can provide a better future for you.

You really are turning into a wonderful little guy.

Mummy loves you so very much and forever proud of you.

Our first Autumn walk up the downs:

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  1. what a lovely letter for Max. I think sometimes it is harder when you know they are sad but don't cry as you know how brave they are being. I remember my son being like that in reception year at school and it used to make me cry. I'm sure, like you say, he has a wonderful time when he is there. xxx


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