My Portable Office

The guys over at Currys want to know about our Portable Offices and by writing a short blog post on the How, When and Where you could win 1 of 2 Surface Pro Tablet 2.

Here is my entry :

chilling with Charlie Bear and daddy's ipad
Well, I use daddy's iPad with our little boy on toddler apps such as jigsaw puzzles, matching colours and numbers and looking through pictures we've taken.

 I know some frown on youngsters using technology this early but I don't see the harm in it what so ever, he's learning, it's a part of his world whether we like it or not and it's restricted timing so he's not sitting on it all night like some teenage gamer.... yet!!

The mummy in me uses my tablet mainly for videos/movies.  This I will pack in my bag if I know we are going to queue.  We have been waiting in the doctor's office before now for over 45 minutes and Tangled downloaded on my tablet was a Godsend!

The Me in me likes to curl up in bed with my tablet and catch up on programs I've missed/forgotten about during the week - my way to unwind.

I use my laptop in the evenings, chilling on the sofa for social media, blogging and uploading images off my phone (since it went down the loo I don't leave anything to chance with that anymore).  This also only comes out once the patter of little fingers has gone to bed.  Max is brilliant at operating the touch screens but the keyboard is still a mystery of fun for him and I'm not that much of a computer wiz to figure out what he may delete off my screen.

I think I'm that 'older' generation who does like a keyboard.

And my phone - well that really is my portable office.  I use that throughout the day to check/send emails, text, social media and occasionally I might just use it as an actual phone!!  One place it doesn't live anymore is my back pocket - that's just asking for trouble and to be dropped down the loo!

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  1. good luck with your entry. Love that top photo - so cute! One of my little girls first words is 'ipad' and I don't think there's any harm in letting children use technology early as long as its not all they do. xxx


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