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As some of you may know, wall space is limited in our home.  This is mainly due to our chimney and large windows so I'm in no way knocking that.  But, what it does mean is we need to be a bit creative and/or selective on what we do hang up on our walls.

I must say whilst surfing online I was rather surprised by the lovely pieces of wall art from Argos!  Yep, Argos - it's not the first place I'd think of, to be honest, but I fell in love with the Number Place Wall Clock.
Argos clock made from number plates #Homedecor

The main reason why I love this clock so much is not the petrolhead in me or the fact it's unique but it's because of the numbers!

The clock is large at 60cm and it's that that makes it perfect to help Max with his numbers and eventually the time.  It's up on the wall obviously, but still large enough to see the numbers clearly and has the added bonus of colours.

When I picked up the clock I was surprised at the size even though I'd read the dimensions!  It's nice and light so can be hung practically anywhere in my opinion.

What I will say is when I opened it I wasn't sure I liked it anymore.  I know!  BUT, maybe the fact that I had it propped up on the floor against Max's toy box with minions and Batman toys behind it is probably what put me off!

So, I put the battery in and 'we' put the clock up - and I LOVE IT!
Close up view of Argos number plate clock

Argos have some really lovely pieces online at present and I really was spoilt for choice and being a regular customer of Argos I decided to set up a Pinterest board for my favourite pieces.

So, which is your favourite piece?

In association with Argos
I received the number plate clock to review
The above wording is all my own and not influenced by products received

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