What I would do with a Pent Standard Shed

Beast Sheds competition

Beast Sheds is running a competition and want to know what you would do with their 5x4 Pent Standard Shed.

For me, well we live in a bungalow and every single room in the house is home to toys, toy boxes, teddies - or all 3.  Including our conservatory which is also my craft area.

If I won this shed I would place it just outside our conservatory, paint it green and cover it with plants and leaves to hide it away and have it blend in with the garden.  It would become my little sanctuary where I could go for an evening and create.

Fairy Lights
As you walk into the shed it would be transformed with Pink Fairy Lights running across the top which would match the pink/purple fluffy carpet underneath.  You can take off your shoes and feel the comfort underfoot to instantly relax you with the soft glow of the lights to get the creative juices flowing.

One side of the shed would be filled with drawers and drawers of craft pieces all calling out to be made and the opposite would be a white craft table filled will more storage.
Home Decor

On my table would have a bright lamp, magnifying glass and most importantly... a large wine glass - filled with wine.

Now I may not always want to create in my little den but no one but me needs to know this.... It may well have a nice small cube pouffe in a corner which would be home to my butt when I've had a bit of a stressful day and oh, that's where the wine bottle is!
Square seat

And finally, as this shed has the additional feature of TWO doors - well if I need to nip out for a walk, drive or a sneaking bit of shopping - well - who's to know if this is hanging outside the 'main' door?

Do not disturb sign


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  1. ha ha I love your ideas - especially the 'do not disturb' one!


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