Letters to my Son - Fishers Farm

Dear Maxwell,

This year was the second time we went to Fishers Farm and I've got to admit boy - you were a bit of a 'monkey'!  

Letters to my son
Having firmly found your feet you were off or trying to run off!  I think you were more interested in the fact that you could run off rather than looking at the animals!  Saying that one of your favourite animals of the day... was a very large tortoise.  I was so pleased as ours were still hibernating so was looking forward to when they come out to say hello.

Next up were the karts, and as you're bigger this time round you got to have a go on them with daddy and if truth be told... I think daddy had way too much fun haha.

You were very mischievous, though!  Once we got round the animals you let off steam on the trampoline - for AGES then gave the slide ago.... for AGES.  You didn't seem to want to give either of those up until we got to the big inflatable trampolines in the ground.  You were on the big one to start with but mummy being over protective asked daddy to take you off it as the bigger kids were a bit too rough with their bounces - you then went on the smaller one which you could go on all on your own and you were much more at home on this one.  You even helped a little girl get up on the ball ( an emotional moment for mummy) - You also ate the sand!
Letters to my son
We took that as you were eating the sand that you may be hungry, after a 45-minute wait for something to eat we finally got some food and all credit to you - you weren't THAT bad waiting - if anything I was getting antsier!

Once you were fed you had a go on the HUGE slides which you started going down backwards and on your stomach.  That was too much for me so I ended up watching through my fingers!!  You may be a tall lad but you are still only 2 years old - going on 30-year-old stunt man!!! 

A final walk through the shop and you buy ... A STRESS BALL!!! Good buy by the way - I use it daily!

I'm sure this won't be our last visit - might take a picnic next though eh!

Love you, little man - now for your best bits....


18 months earlier.................

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day out. I love tortoises too! x


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