My Social Book - I love it!

I love my photos.  My mum bought me my first camera when I was 9 years old and I have never been without a camera since.

I'm no David Bailey by a long shot.... but I do love my family, friends and pets so I now have years worth of albums full of pictures... until the digital age!  Now, the majority of my pictures are on external drives, memory sticks and cards.  I have a small photo book and a few canvas' but nothing compared to my partner's Valentine's day present!

Boys are soo hard to buy for, so when I saw the special offer on Facebook for their Social Book I couldn't pass it!

This book not only pulls up images from your Facebook but you have the option to add messages, statuses or even create a book for a friend.

I highly recommend these if you have lots of pictures on  Facebook, great interaction with your friends and/or tagged in your friend's pictures.

As I said, I created one for my partner it's a chunky thing but well worth it and just to have all the comments and well wishes from everyone on the birth of our baby boy - to have forever no matter what happens to the internet and digital age.

So guess what he's getting every year now ;)

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  1. I've never seen one of those before - what a fabulous idea. We too are guilty of not printing so many photos now and although we do get paranoid about backing up the photos its not the same as having them to look at in an album or in a photobook. I love photos so really need to get something like this sorted each year x


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