Letters to my Son - Potty Training

Potty Training Chart

Dear Max,

4 weeks ago nursery approached me to say they thought you were ready to start potty training!

Big milestone

At first, I wanted to say "no, he's my baby boy and needs to stay in nappies".  Obviously not ready to lose another stage of your baby years but also aware that I can't be putting you in nappies for the rest of your life because I don't want to admit you're growing up!

So, with a little crib sheet from the nursery, I packed you off that first week with a nappy on for the journey and about 3/4 change of clothes for 'accidents'.  You had 1 accident on the first 2 days and none on the last!!  You were sent home in a nappy for the journey.

The first weekend was pull up pants and grandma had you running around naked.

Second week and we had you going to nursery in your pants (spider-man no less) and this week you only had 1 accident all week!  At grandmas, you started to wear pants too and had no accidents.

You had one accident at home that weekend and that was in your box - good excuse to get rid of it anyway, you are in need of a new one really - but let's not start weeing on stuff you want to get rid of.

By the end of week 3, I've declared this as potty trained as you went all week at nursery and grandmas with no accidents.  Daddy took you out on the Sunday up to Amberley with no nappy.  You asked when you want to go to the toilet and you've started to have dry nappies when you have your lunchtime naps and in the evening.

Now, at nursery, they no longer ask you.  You take yourself off to the toilet as and when you need to.  Lindsey just keeps an eye from her room to make sure you're OK but you've got it sussed!!

Well done little man, we are so so proud of you.

Love you

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