Fathers Day Craft with Bostik

Making Dinosaurs and a Father's Day card thanks to Bostik and Tots100

We recently received our lovely craft goodies thanks to Tots100 and Bostik.  With Father's Day just around the corner, I set about...having a think!  This is harder than it sounds.  Obviously, we would make daddy some form of Father's Day card but what theme?

Well as it happens it appears to be Dino week/month in our house at the moment and I'm fast learning the names of various dinosaurs.... (pronouncing them is a whole other matter)!  So, for the foam sheets I printed off dinosaur stencils from here and cut around them on foam - and I must say I think they came out rather well!

Max chose the dinosaur he wanted for daddy's card and we put that to one side.  For the rest of them, we used the Blu Tack Blu stick and covered them in .... well blue glue! Quite a good idea really, as Max could see exactly where he was putting his glue and where to stick his pieces and once dried - it's clear.

When we'd decorated our pieces with feathers, glitter and various shapes, we glued sticks on the back of the dinosaurs and put them where they would feel most at home.... the sand pit.

Once we'd had some time in the Jurassic era of purple sand it was getting too late in the day to create the Father's Day card/book .... and by that I mean Max had had his full quota of crafting for the day!

So we put the remaining pieces away for a rainy day.....and true to bank holiday form... it rained the very next day!

As with the dinosaur images, I prepped the pieces for Max the evening before so he could 'concentrate' on decorating and glueing rather than cutting.  He chopped Buzz's head off the other day - I'm not sure we're quite there with his cutting skills yet....

We've made daddy a Father's Day book rather than just a card.

The book has a thick card front and back, photos inside with a little poem explaining 'why my daddy is the best' and bound with ribbon.

Before starting I used my hole punch across the top of the thick card and the sheets inside ready to be bound with ribbon when we'd finished.  I figured it would be easier to do this before we start decorating as I could see the book being quite thick once finished with the foam pads holding the photos in place.

For the letters, I may have slightly guided Max as to where to put each one on the card.  He chose where to place the dinosaur and decorated it accordingly.

Fortunately, we had the perfect space left on the front to add the wording "Why my daddy is the best", which I'd printed out on normal plain white paper along with the rest of the poem.

As we went through the pages I put the photo in place and Max glued the two lines of the poem above and below it and randomly added glitter.

We set the pages aside to dry out and once these were ready, we put them all together and tied them with some lovely blue ribbon which Max also chose.

Considering he's only 2 and a half, he did really well to keep his attention on the project - all be it decorating the paper dinosaurs on the side.

We actually got caught out by daddy with the finishing touches so we gave him the card early and I can very proudly say - it was a hit.


  1. Such brilliant cards - They've turned out really well! I'd forgotten all about fathers day - will need to get organised x

    1. Thank you.
      Must pull your finger out Rebecca - its this weekend :)


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