Penguin Bananas - #Nailedit !

For anyone who is familiar with the 'Nailed It' images, then you will know exactly how this blog is going to go.  If not - then do have a look at Smosh.Com's Nailed it pictures!

The lovely Rebecca over at The Beesley Buzz wrote a post regarding Kids in the Kitchen and her favourite photo and activity of the week were the Frozen Banana Penguins.

The picture on the left is courtesy of Rebecca and shows how fab her Banana Penguins turned out.

I have seen the Banana Penguins on Pinterest before and have admired them - FROM AFAR!

Then for some unknown reason to me, I thought it would be fun to try these!  Why? For the love of God why would I think this was a good idea?  The kitchen is not my friend, I love it but it just does not love me in return!

I struggle with the cupcakes - I shit you not, I can't even bake them properly - I try and blame a 2-year-old but let's face it the ones he makes at the nursery are superb!

So, where was I? oh yes -melting chocolate.

This is by no means a tutorial blog on how to make these if anything - its how NOT to do it!

The best part was smashing up the Easter eggs (we had a few Avengers left over from Easter).

Good news they melt lovely in the microwave.  Can't tell you how long for as I was too busy cutting the bananas wrong (with daddy I might add, I can't take all the credit for that cock up).

Now the idea is to somehow dip, roll or something (can you tell I never read Reading Confetti's blog properly!) in melted chocolate - this is messy but finger licking good fun.  In fact, we spent a bit too much time with our fingers in the melted chocolate as it was quite clear very early on these bananas were going downhill fast!

Then somehow you're meant to add eyes and feet - Lord knows how.  After managing to get at least 1 of the 'nanas standing upright the eyes just dripped down ... to the feet!

Anyway, I very very nearly didn't write this blog - but here is my 'nailed it' image


We did :)


  1. this is fantastic - i laughed so much!!! I'm going to share it on fb and twitter. Hopefully max had lots of fun and that's all that matters really. And just to leave you with a glimpse of hope - I never even managed to bake a cake for years and years - Always went wrong so i gave up trying til i had kids and had to make their birthday cakes.

    1. Thanks Rebecca, Max had a lovely time and you're right, that's all that matters.

  2. Honestly, this is the first time I am visiting your blog. I follow Rebecca on Facebook and dropped in at your blog through her Facebook post. And believe me, I am still laughing and I am sure I am going to laugh in my dreams tonight :)

  3. Hahahaha hahahaha, yep totally nailed it. Everything I make looks like that even if the kids haven't been anywhere near it.

  4. I landed here from a G+ community where you had posted the picture of the Penguin Bananas. Loved reading the post - laughed a lot. Thanks for sharing. Like you mentioned all that matters is you guys had a wonderful time together.

    1. Thank you Dee
      I'm going to call this one messy play.... ;)


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