Letters from my Son - Weeing!

Dear Mummum,

You really do not need to keep asking me if I need a wee anymore.  I know if I have my pants on I am to find the potty or toilet.

I will always announce when I need a poo too - I know you are very impressed with this when I tell you in the dark as you make lots of different interesting noises to show me you are happy and then entertain me with silly acts like pretending to fall over and hopping.  I think this is my best time of needing a poo.

I was speaking with my friend Beenie and she goes to wee and poo in the garden.  I notice she does not have pants on so it seems right that if I am also with no pants on in the garden I can wee wherever I am.  Why then you felt the need to pull me out the sand pit mid flow I don't know.

You emptied my sand out which I was sad about for the longest of times before you said I could finish going to wee in the grass - how wonderful.  I will do this more often when I have no pants on in the garden.

I have come to think that no pants means wee anywhere and yet you pulled me out the bath when I sat and said poo poo.  You are a very confusing mummum and have much to learn about the no pants rule.  Beenie is much older and wears no pants - I look forward to that day too.

Lots of Love
Aged 2years 7months

Me and my new pet caterpillar
'Garden pet Maxwell, Garden' I think his name is


  1. What a fab caterpillar! We kept one similar to that once and it turned into a beautiful ruby tiger moth. Oh dear about the sandpit. I'm dreading potty training miss T! x

    1. I'm sure Miss T will be perfect - us girls know how to behave ;)


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