The letterbox cake Review

When Baker Days contacted me asked if I'd like to review one of their cakes I knew exactly who to order this cake for!  My mum has looked after Max for the past 2 years for 2 days a week whilst we are at work, and what better way to say thank you - then with cake!

Baker Days have a lot of choices!  From personalised birthday cakes to personalised cupcakes and I've said before I do love items with my name on, Max's photo on and/or personalised messages so it should be of no surprise I chose a Thank You cake with Grandma on.

These, in my opinion, are such a great idea!  You can have your cake personalised, made and sent to the person in question - such a nice change to flowers and chocolate... both of which are nice, but a delivered cake is so much more of a talking piece - at least it is when my mum is involved!

One of the main factors that surprised me was how perfect it was delivered.  Cake in the post - what images do you conjure up?  I was convinced the postie might have one of his 'throw it over the wall' days and have it in a heap crumpled on the floor, or the heat would melt it in some way and the wording and images would become distorted...

This is what I received.  I very neat little box and a tin!  I love the tin (Grandma very nearly didn't get the tin!), candles and a celebration blowing thing I do not know the technical term for....

I was rather excited at this point, also slightly nervous as to the state the cake may be in, after all, we are in the height of summer with days reaching 30 degrees, so I very gingerly opened the tin with half an eye shut... it was perfect!  How, I have no idea, how a cake can be sent through the postal system and look amazing is a credit to Baker Days!  It's a perfect 'letterbox' size cake, portable and ideal for little hands to pass over to Grandma.

Mum is over the moon with her cake, so much so we got the smallest of pieces and not because she wanted to eat it all herself, she wanted to show it off!  She took her cake to her church group on Sunday, around to everyone she knew in the flats and saved a piece to show her hairdresser!  So it was hit then!  The hairdresser is now looking into ordering her own cake!

From the piece Max and I got - it was delicious!  You'd never guess it was sent through the post - I know I keep going on about that but it's because I'm amazed at the quality and perfection of it!

The process for ordering the cake is simple.  You select the category, size and recipe and then whether or not you want it personalised. You get to preview your design, enter your details and sit and wait... for a day if ordered before 2 pm!

For me, this makes a great surprise gift in the post

Disclaimer: I received a letterbox cake from Baker Days to review.
The above wording is all my own and not influenced by the product received.


  1. wow that cake is gorgeous- What a great design - I imagined the designs would be more bland but that one looks lovely. x

    1. Definitely the right choice - Grandma loved it.


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