AMARA Interior Blog Awards

I recently received an email from the organisers of the Amara Interior Blog Awards to let me know I'd been nominated for the best DIY blog!

I was sure this was spam, so much so I wrote back and asked for more details.

It turns out the Amara Interior Blog Awards is completely new and it is the first dedicated interiors blog awards.   People have been nominating various bloggers for each of the categories, and somehow someone reading my blog (and it's not my mum.....) has nominated me!

I am beyond over the moon - to be nominated, for someone to see DIY Blog category and think of is overwhelming!

I'm not one for spamming my Facebook, Google+ and Twitter with 'vote for me' 'vote for me' posts but felt I should at least let other readers know that this is out there and that I've been nominated and you know, maybe vote for me.

The top 5 blogs in each category are then shortlisted and a panel of judges will choose the winners.   Now I've looked at the blogs in my category and I'm still not sure how on earth I managed to get in here!  I can only assume someone somewhere liked one of my projects

Turning an old freebie stool into a Marvel Stool

Chalkboard painted stool with Toy Story Seat for my boy

Chalkboard painted stool with Star Wars Seat as a gift for my friend

Decorating a boring old Toy Box for the Marvel fan in the house.... (me)!

Quick and easy chalkboard painted mirror

And possibly MY favourite pieces:

If you read my blog posts - particularly my up-cycled / crafty pieces and you'd like to vote for me - and quite possibly make me cry if I got to the shortlist.

Much Love

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