Getting the Creative Bug?

Have you seen items on Pinterest and fancied having a go?  Watched Kirstie Allsopp on the TV and wondered if you could make that item too or just stared at a grotty old bit of furniture and thought about attempting to upcycle it?

I have.  I do.  I usually look at an item and wonder if I can get away with covering it in Spider-man!

Well good news, there is a subscription site online called Creativebug which hosts hundreds of tutorials for practically every craft category you can think of!  I must admit, I do respond better watching a video rather than a worded tutorial and this is just what Creative Bug offers.

Over the past couple of weeks, I've had a good look round and have found - Halloween section!!  I want to create the Halloween Masks with Max so I'll be watching the video to get the best tips.

What I do like most is the materials required section under the video. I like the fact I can view what I need before even watching the video.  This also obviously helps as a shopping list and means you don't need to write down what is required whilst watching the video.

I also want to try out the Magic wands and will write up a second post with my/our attempts at masks and wands for Halloween - I cannot guarantee mine will look anything like those in the videos (have you seen my epic fail section?)... but we do like to try all the same.

You can either subscribe to Creative Bug for $9.95 a month to give you full access to the site or you can purchase 1 off workshop depending on what your need is.  There is also a free content section which you can view to get an idea of the site itself.  

If you do try out the website do come back and let me know what you will be attempting.  Until Halloween........

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