Geek Subscription Boxes

I have only just found out about Geek Box subscriptions!  I don't know how these have passed me by for so long!  I found out about them via Cosmickick when Angela was reviewing her Nerd Block.  How fab are these!

I so wanted one!

I so subscribed!

I now have 2!

We started with Nerd Block - Classic and Junior.  I have written a review for Nerd Block Junior which you can read here, having had these boxes for 3 months now I have finally cancelled this great subscription and moved on to My Geek Box and Infinity Crates, so watch this space for the reviews!

So, after the initial excitement of such goodies arriving on my doorstep, I did some searching and it appears there are quite a few geek boxes around!!!  It seems Lootcrate is the big competition for Nerd Block - both are overseas and therefore coming over to the UK has high shipping fees but by the time you convert to GBP the value is around £20.

AND THEN, I find out the UK does them too!!  The main 2 I've found so far are My Geek Box and Geekgasm.  Obviously, I can't subscribe to all the boxes so I figured I'd try each of them over a period of time and then settle on my favourite - Well this is going to take some time - by the time I've got to Geekgasm there'll probably be a whole load of new ones pop up!

There are loads of subscription boxes out there and as well as the above I have now reviewed the fantastic KawaiiBox which offers FREE international shipping!

I will update this post as and when I find more.

Are there any more out there.................

Apparently so, after writing this blog post I've just found out about Infinity Crates in the UK and My Geeky Goodies in the USA.  So that's a couple more on my list to try.

As promised I've updated this post in the last month and yet another subscription box has popped up - Thingamabox ...... I'm going to need a spreadsheet!!

QwerkiBox seems like a good UK one to try next!

Fun times are ahead!


  1. What a great find. Always exciting to find something that's right up your street like that. X

  2. I only just spotted this post. Thanks for the shout out!

    I didn't know there are UK geek boxes :o There are waaay too many subscriptions around atm. How are we supposed to choose just one?! :)

    1. Welcome :)
      No idea how we choose, I haven't got past Nerd Block yet! lol


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