The Dinosaur that Poop - Book Review

Oh, we have a winner!!
The dinosaur that pooped books
The dinosaur that pooped series
We were recently sent the Dinosaur that pooped books for review, yes you read that right POOP!  So you can imagine these books have gone down very well in our household!!  There are currently 3 books in the collection :
 - The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas
 - The Dinosaur That Popped a Planet
 - The Dinosaur That Pooped The Past -- my son's favourite!

These books are a good size with lots going on, each page has a little verse and you can guess, at some point in the book the dino poops!  This has Max in hysterics and the need to re-enact this scene when the mood takes him!

The dinosaur that pooped the past!

As I said this is a definite winner in our house!  It has everything this little boy needs just before bed - short fun story, great animation to discuss, dinosaurs... and poop!!

The story of Danny and his very hungry pooping dinosaur is written by Tom Fletcher and Dougie  Poynter - yep, McFly boys.... I can't be the only one who thinks this makes perfect sense?  The books can be purchased from Amazon for around £4 each and I'm sure will be a hit in every household.

You can follow the pooping dinosaur on his social media pages - just click the images below:


Disclaimer : I received the Dinosaur books from The Big Shot to review.
The above wording is all my own and not influenced over products received.


  1. All the Topsy and tim books we have

  2. There are so many. The Little Miss Sunshine mini board book is particularly popular.

  3. charlie and the chocolate factory

  4. My boy loves Peepo atm, my childhood fave too :)

  5. The tiger who came to tea!


  6. goldie locks and the 3 bears!

  7. we are loving the dinosaur cafe, yes he is a dino nut!

  8. With my youngest - The Hungry Caterpillar.
    With my older 2, they absolutely love David Walliams Billionaire Boy. They laugh every time we read it, even I do too!


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