My Thrifty StarWars Seat

One of my mad moments ... 'Oh I can upcycle that'.....
Back in the summer whilst we were mooching round the car boot sale I came across this little stool that I was really uncertain of buying.  It was being sold for £2 so I bought it as a learner project more then anything.

The edging was coming off and the cushion of the seat was all lumping and dusty so I put it away in the shed until the right piece of material came along.... and about 4 months later it did.

One of many bargain buys from B&Q
I have all sorts of odd coloured spray paints in the shed thanks to my unexpected bargain find at B&Q one day and decided to use the lovely blue to re-cover my stool.  Taking my time with the paint it covered it nicely, I was rather amused at myself for cover the seat so carefully - as this was going to come off!

Patience is the key to a nice covering
No idea why I'm protecting the seat cover!
Once the legs were dry I tackled the seat.  This was new territory for me as I'm used to taking the seat off, staple the material however I like and  place back on the seat, but with this stool there is no hiding the material!!  So I removed the old tatty edging and placed new cushion filling on the seat from cushions I'd bought at the same car boot for 50p!

My 50p cushions
Cushions now cut up and used as padding
I cut the cushion material open and tacked it round the seat to keep the cushion filling in place, and to act as a second cover the the stool.  I then got my fantastic starwars piece and went round and stapled (of course a staple gun would be used at some point....) to the edge of the seat, making sure not to go further then the edge of the seat.  I totally winged the edging by gathering and scrunching it up to finish the covering.  I'm not entirely happy with the finish at all and feel the corners have a bit too much scrunch.
Cover completed, now for edging 
I chose nice dark blue ribbon to cover the edging with and with my glue gun run the ribbon round, but I also found that this didn't sit smooth either!  Maybe because I tried to glue the ribbon all the way round instead of just tightly on the corners?  Who knows.

Like I said at the start, for me this was a learner piece and although I'm not happy with the finish, I don't think it turned out too bad and I'm sure I can find a loving home for this little stool.

Updating my car boot find

Currently living in the dining room!
I don't think I'll class this as a success story and maybe think twice about a £2 stool in future... but then again....


  1. Wow, I think this looks great! An absolute bargain for £2 + materials and would be loved by loads of Star Wars fans I'm sure!

  2. Well done this is so cool! Did you sand the legs down first or did you just go ahead and spray?
    I have 2 dining chairs that I'm going to paint and upcycle.

    1. I did sand the legs down first, mainly because my bf told me to ;)
      You should definitely give it a go.


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