OXO Tot Range for kids on the go

OXO Tots Big Kid Range
OXO Tots Big Kid Range
Recently we were fortunate enough to try OXO Tots Big Kid range and these products I feel, are perfect for when you're on the go and for that reason fit in well with our lifestyle.

As you may have picked up from previous posts, we try and make the most of our weekends due to being working parents and this will always involve being out at some point in the day and the OXO Tots Big Kid range helps with this perfectly.

OXO Tots Twist Top Water Bottle
OXO Tots Twist Top Water Bottle
Because we are not always sure where we will end up or how long we will be out for, we always take a drink out with us and found the Twist Top Water bottle to be so much more than just another drinking bottle.  It has a twist cap which is designed to keep the straw clean when not in use and to prevent spills - ideal for when we are in the car, which is often when my son will ask for a drink.

It has a large loop that little hands can hold and carry themselves and the whole top comes off for easy cleaning, but my favourite bit is it also has measurements down the side so you don't have to guess how much of the 300ml bottle you are filling up.

OXO Tot Twist Top Water Bottle
One of 2 measurements on the OXO Tot Twist Top Water Bottle
This bottle retails at £8 on the OXO website and also has bragging rights - it has won 'Best Drinking Cup or Travel Bottle' by LPB and to be honest, I can see why.  It was a hit in house/car, it holds a substantial amount of water/liquid for journeys and has minimal spill factor, which is basically everything we look for when buying bottles.

Whilst I was extremely impressed with the water bottle, my boy loved the snack cup!  Probably for 2 reasons, it's the perfect size for his little hands and he can get the lid open and shut with no help, even though it is a snap-shut lid!

OXO Tots Big Kid Range
OXO Tot Flip-Top Snack Cup
The cup volume is greater then it looks.  It is 150ml in size and covered with a non-slip grip slightly indented which makes it easy to hold.  The whole lid opens up which made it easy for Max to get his hand in and polish off the grapes I'd put in there for him.

The Flip-Top snack cup is only £5.11 and I feel this is a good price to pay mainly for peace of mind that you can give your child their snack cup and know they can open it themselves, get their fingers in comfortable to get the snack out and snap the lid shut themselves, minimising spillage and mess.  Not sure whether it's because the cup is green or because grapes were the first snack I put in this pot but Max now asks for his 'grape cup' when we are out, regardless of what stack is in it.

Due to it's compact size I'll be looking at getting a second cup as these are perfect for on the go snacks, and given that both these products have gone down so well in our household I'm rather pleased to see OXO Tot Big Kids have such a vast range of products for us to add to our collection.

OXO Tots Big Kid Range
OXO Tot Flip-Top Snack Cup

Disclaimer: I received these products from OXO to review.
The above wording is all my own and not influenced by products received.


  1. I have become a big fan of the OXO products- I used to think things like this were much of a muchness and then I bought new kitchen tongs and they are OXO good grips ones and they are AMAZING! I had no idea products could be this good. These ones youve reviewed look really stylish too.

    1. Oh they must be good, given the amount of work you guys do in the kitchen. I may have to invest in some too.


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