Infinity Crate - November Review

Infinity Crate - November Review

I am loving Infinity Crates!  I know, I know I said this last month but I do, I think this may be the one!  But, I will continue my search for the best geeky subscription box (for me), so for the second month now I have an Infinity Crate - Animation theme!

Last month the theme was Doom and I LOVED it, this month I love (but no caps) Animation, and-and just a wee bit excited at next month's Might and Magic box - let alone January's Heroes v Villains!

So, what's in my box?  Well as with last month and unlike My Geek Box I've put the images up in preference with my favourite being last.

First up is the postcard image above, must not forget these and they are really quite fantastic, and to compliment the smaller poster there is the larger animation poster.

Infinity Crate - November Review
Infinity Crates Animation Poster
Next up is a TMNT badge - Leonardo (favourite is Raphael, but that's mainly because its similar to my name and red, but hey, Leo's still a hero in a half shell)!

Infinity Crate - November Review
Infinity Crate TMNT Badge
Homer Simpson Socks - Classic!  I can't believe Simpsons has been running for 25 years!

Infinity Crate - November Review
Infinity Crate Homer Socks
This one is a new one on me.  It's Jake from Adventure Time.  My boy loves this key ring, so we found Adventure Time on Cartoon Network and now we appear to be hooked (yeah, both of us will sit and watch it!).

Infinity Crate - November Review
Jake Key Ring
5 items down and 2 to go, in true Infinity Crate style the last 2 items will be a T-shirt and a POP Vinyl.

Holy Smokes Batman, quite possibly my favourite DC T-Shirt I've seen in a long time!  This went down very well, in fact when I passed it over it went straight on!  Must admit, this is a pretty cool T-Shirt - and not black for a change.

Infinity Crate - November Review
Infinity Crate Animation T-Shirt
And finally, who doesn't love a minion?  Carl is now with our other minions pride of place on the mantelpiece!

Infinity Crate - November Review
Infinity Crate Minion POP!

So there are my 7 goodies from November.  I have every faith my December box is going to be fantastic, so much so I may have ordered the Christmas specials......

To summarise, my top geek box is still Infinity Crates at £16.99 per month
Based on boxes received I'd put Nerd Block 2nd at approximately £21 per month
3rd would be the newly received My Geek Box at £14.99

From my original post, you can see I have many more boxes to sample, but I'm going to struggle to cancel this one!


  1. Haven't come across these but some interesting sounding products. I agree I love the expectation of what to find in a box. I did a review a couple of weeks ago of Vegan Tuck Box and have giveaway running now, which introduced me to new products I hadn't tried before.

    1. Oh sounds interesting, I do love a subscription box.
      Will go check out your giveaway


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