Pop in a box

In my quest to find out which of the many geek boxes I would like to finally settle on and subscribe to, I have found Pop in Box monthly subscription!

Oh yes!  From my Infinity crate review, you may have picked up on the fact I am LOVING POP! vinyl!  I received Jack in my Infinity Crate, Batman & Deadpool in my Nerd block boxes and Sheldon from my lovely partner who is just a crazy as me when it comes to collections.  So, imagine my total excitement to find a subscription that sends out just that - a Pop Vinyl!

Jack Skellington Pop Vinyl
Jack Skellington Pop Vinyl from the fabulous Infinity Crates
It really is quite a clever system.  You create an account on 'PIAB' and if you already own any Pops you can add these to your account.  Once you've done this you can then add to your Wish List (my favourite bit) and each month for £8.49 (before delivery charges) the peeps over at PIAB will send out a POP to your door - that you don't already own! And, may even be on your wish list - but will definitely NOT be one that is on your dislike list.  That is pretty smart is it not?

I received my first POP from PIAB today and I got Robin - to go with my Batman - how cool is that?

Pop in a box
My first POP from Pop In A Box
Now I'm not a die-hard collector of anything and by that I mean I don't keep my collections in boxes! And to me, this is where it goes wrong.  My Robin has slightly green legs, I let this go as it's only slight.  But when I ordered Spider-man his paintwork was .... well shit!

After speaking with PIAB it appears they do not offer refunds or returns because their supplier does not offer this option to them, and therefore would go bankrupt as Funko apparently are renowned for poor paint jobs!

I'm so disappointed with this fact, I upcycle projects and do not sell them for that very reason, that they have flaws, they are not perfect and to hear that a company as large as Funko do not take responsibility for their poor paint jobs before they leave their factory, is quite disgraceful in my option.

For that reason, and that reason alone, I am going to try and source my 'more complicated' POPs in the high street rather than rely on the image portrayed on my Funko box, and therefore sadly, means cancelling this Pop In A Box Subscription.


  1. I've loved seeing how you got on in your quest to find the right box for you. x

  2. just thought I'd let you know about a subscription service called "marvel collector corps" the quality is always fantastic and the value for money is brilliant, check it out! :)

    1. Thank you, I do now subscribe to Marvel Corps, I have a review on my blog from the first box opening :)


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