Craft: Handmade Shell Candles

Craft: Handmade Shell Candles
Making new candles from seashells
Pinterest is one of my favourite places to find craft ideas, so much so I have my own board that I created for Crafts I'd like to try.

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One of the pins was how to make seashell candles using tea-lights as posted by DIY Louisville.  Now, I have a bucket load of shells thanks to my partner's fab Car Boot find in the summer and our impromptu visits to the beach, so I figured this would be a perfect project to try.

Shells from the local car boot
My £2 Car Boot Bargain
The original website is the best place to go for instructions on how to do this, for me, I used an old cupcake baking tin over the hob to melt the tea-lights - I'm sure that's probably not the best use of my old tins, but it worked for me.

Once the wax had melted, I very carefully, and with tongs, poured the wax into its new home and you'd be amazed at how much wax those tiny little tea-lights hold!

I selected a few of my favourite shells, the deeper the better especially if you plan to actually use the candles rather than have them as decoration - which is how they are in my house.

I've ended up making half a dozen shells so far (found it slightly addictive), and I've also seen some coloured Tealights that I'm really tempted to buy as I like the idea of multicoloured shell candles, if I do try them I'll be sure to come back and update this post with pictures.

This is such a nice, quick and easy project and a great use for some of our shells.


  1. im just about to throw out a load of tealights that I thought i'd never use but seeing this has stopped me. I might just give this a go as they'd make such pretty gifts. x

    1. I don't think I'll ever throw a tealight out again.

  2. What a clever idea. I just pinged across to the original to work out what to do about the wick


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