Why I Will Never Be Rich - Financial

Something my mother once said to me, and it really bothered me at the time, but 20 years on, I totally understand what she meant when she said I'd never be rich.

Donating hand made dog coats to local rescue centre

My mother wasn't talking about my lack of personal finance knowledge, as I had plenty of that, and whilst I was naive with my finances, that is a whole other blog post!

No, my mother was referring to my kind nature!  How I go out of my way to help others and sometimes at a financial or hourly cost to me.

I don't have oodles of money to throw around, but what money I do have I use to help others where I can through donations, gifts etc.  Not always, but when I can.

I can't help it, it's just in me.

And at the end of the day, who knows you better than your own mother?

Disney fabrics bought to make dog coats with

Those who follow my page will know that over the past year, I have been sewing in my spare time.  I have made fandom dresses, hooded scarves, cushions and dog coats.

Ideally, I'd like to get good enough to make all my own clothes, know how to do alternations for myself and friends and maybe, just maybe, turn this hobby into a business.

But my favourite item to make is a fleece dog coat.  I have some Disney fabrics that I purchased from a store which was closing down and lining bought from eBay to make these rather warm coats.

I've been donating them to a local dog rescue Arundawn Rescue, a small charity that helps dogs which are just that bit more difficult to home.  A lot of bully breeds, oldies and neglected dogs go through this centre, and I want to help, to do my part by making these coats to keep the dogs warm this winter.

Ever critical of my work, I'm really pleased to hear that these coats have gone down really well at Arundawn and are loved by owners and dogs.  So much so, that I was even sent a picture of Ronnie sporting his winter cape.

Making winter coats for rescue dogs

He looks so dapper!

So, mum, whilst I may not be rich financially, I am rich in love, happiness and kindness, and that's a pretty darn good place to be I think.

Happy New Year guys, and thank you for following my blog and chatting with me on Social Media.


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  1. Ronnie looks fab in that. I can just imagine the warm fuzzy feeling you must have. It has been great following how your sewing skills have improved with the projects you have tried. I did try to do my bit in a lesser way when my parents moved into a retirement flat earlier this year, I sent all the surplus bedding to their local dog rescue. Hopefully that will have given the dogs something soft to sleep on although not as grand as having a stylish cape.


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