ZBox Subscription Box - January Review

January ZBox Review
So those who follow my blog know the deal by now.  In a search for my favourite geek box subscription I've now tried Zavvi's ZBox  - oh and its good!!  Similar to QwerkiBox the ZBox is not a monthly reoccurring subscription plan.  You purchase the box each month as and when you want it.

January's theme was Cosmic and as I said it did not disappoint, and as usual I'll post up what's in the box in order of preference:

First up is a magazine which details the contents of the box, may have been the last thing I opened after everything else came flying out the box.....

ZBox magazine detailing what's in the box
This is pretty nifty, it's a phone wallet which you can stick to the back of your phone and it acts....as a wallet.
X-Men Phone Wallet
ZBox exclusive - Terminator card holder - went down well with my partner.
Terminator Card Holder
Being comic theme there is obviously going to be Star Wars items in the box, and this box has 2.

Death Star T-Shirt
Pretty cool comic book
One for my son who absolutely loves these and Transformers.

Transformers collectable
I've left my two favourite pieces until last.  Now, first up is dancing Groot.  I have him already so this little bad boy went in the car and was the best movie ever!  He is on the dashboard and dances away, constantly puts a smile on my face!  We now have the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack so watch out on Instagram for a filming of this little man having a bounce to the Jackson 5!

Got to love Groot
And finally, I LOVE the sonic screwdriver key-ring.  Everyone should own a Sonic Screwdriver!

Sonic Screwdriver Key-Ring
So there are my goodies from ZBox and I am very happy with this box and will definitely be ordering February's box which has the theme 'UNDEAD' - can't wait!!

So to break down the boxes reviewed to date:-

Number 1 - Infinity Crate at £16.99
Number 2 - zBox at £19.99
Number 3 - Nerd Block approx £21
Number 4 - My Geek Box £14.99
Number 5 - QwerkiBox £15

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  1. Some fun things. I can see my boys liking a box of this type.


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