Creating my POP shelf from a Spice Rack

I recently obtained a little spice rack from my local free up page on Facebook and was very much hoping it would be the right size for my POPs, so when I got it home I was VERY pleased that it's a perfect fit for them!!

Spice Rack - a perfect size to home Funko's POP Vinyl
Obviously having a bare spice rack in a house that has random pieces of paper, paint and well nothing bare!  I had a good rummage through my papers and found the perfect Gorjuss scrapping pack to act as a backing sheet and decided to go bold and use metallic - first for me!

Yes my favourite POP is in the picture
I gave the rack a quick sanding down and used B&Q's metallic effect paint spray.  I really can't get to grips with paint pots and brushes.

And there we have it, a little sparkly spice rack.  I could leave it like this, but I do believe it would benefit from a backing sheet.

Spiced up Spice Rack
Gorjuss scrapping paper
Once the rack was painted I did select half a dozen different sheets but went back to my original choice which was part of my Gorjuss pack.  I just used UHU to glue the paper to the back of the shelving.
Prepping the back sheet.
My final POP Vinyl Shelf
Not only am I pleased with the result I'm really pleased that this shelving holds 6 POP!  Great little space saver.

Upcycled Spice Rack

Living it up on the Wardrobe


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    1. Thank you, I'll never look at another spice rack in the same way again ;) x

  2. That is brilliant, I love it!

  3. What an awesome idea!

  4. what a brilliant use for a spice rack. Great upcycling idea x

  5. Excellent idea! I love the Star Lord figure ♥


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