#ZBox Undead Box review

I have been SOOOO looking forward to this box!  I'm loving Zavvi's Zboxes!  The Zbox is the latest in a range of mystery geeky subscription boxes that I've been trying out over the months to find the perfect one for us.

The ZBox is the second highest priced geek box that I've tried so far, only being topped by Nerd Block - which I actually don't rate as high.  Now I may have seen some reviews of the Undead box on Zavvi's facebook page before I got mine so I knew there would be no POP! thanks to people moaning!  If you want a POP in every box then try Infinity Crates or a subscription that PROMISES a POP!  Zbox does not make that promise, so don't be surprised when one doesn't turn up!!!

There were also complaints about the box!.  Some are complaining that there is no outer packaging or parcel bag when the box is delivered, that the box (which is lovely and now filled with lego.....) is sealed with just a small seal and the address label added to the ZBox itself.  Whilst I don't mind the label I am concerned that a flimsy seal may not be enough to hold the contents secure in some instances.... and that could be the one thing that would move me away from this box!

Anyway, if you can get yourself over those 2 facts and the fact that Undead is not JUST the Walking Dead - it relates to all things 'UNDEAD' then you'll love the box.

First up is the handy little magazine which details all of your goodies and other bits of chat, such as ZBox battles and undead cocktails!

ZBox Undead Magazine
As always, I've added these in order of preference and not having a (major) sweet tooth, this crazy little thing is first!  It's a novelty sweet called Brain Licker - and it's not nice, yes, of course, we tried it and both myself and Max pulled the same 'Ewwww sour' face!

ZBox Undead Brain Licker Sweets
Zombie Hunting Permit Sticker - nice and random and has been put away in the Halloween box - ideal for sticking in the car at the end of October.

Zombie Hunting Permit Car / Bumper Sticker
ZBox exclusive this month are Zombie Badges.

ZBox Undead Zombie Badges
Ohh now we are getting into the good stuff.  Zombies, A living History DVD is one for us to watch - although I'm not watching it if there is a chance I'm going to hear snoring 15 minutes in as it actually quite sounds a bit freaky - "This history special explores the real story of zombies, beginning at the dawn of civilisation and continuing right through to today' !!!

ZBox Undead Zombie DVD
Zombie Socks - LOVE them - Nuff said!

ZBox Undead Zombie socks
Now we may not have a POP! this month, but we do have a couple of funky little mini mates!  Series 3 of the Walking Dead Mini-mates range and I rather like these, they have for now though been put away in case little hands decide to add them to his lego range....

ZBox Undead Walking Dead Mini Mates
LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!  I have forever loved coloured Vinyl - yes we got a vinyl in the box..... and I'm soo old I could rummage around in the loft if I so wished to pull out the old record player - but this is so going in a box picture frame!

As always I've left my favourite piece until last, and it's a ZBox T-Shirt which of course has the undead theme - one of the best we've received.   So, all in all, I love this box, as I did the last and next month - RETRO.... Already ordered!

ZBox Undead T-shirt
So, as I've done with all my boxes here's my rating in order of preference on the ones that I've tried :

Number 1 - Infinity Crate at £16.99 / Number 1 - zBox at £19.99
I honestly can not choose between these two at the moment!

Number 3 - Nerd Block approx £21
Number 4 - My Geek Box £14.99
Number 5 - QwerkiBox £15

Love to hear your thoughts and even more so if there is a fantastic geek/nerd subscription box that I don't know about yet.  I have the ones yet to try listed here.

Quote from the Walking Dead in the bottom of the ZBox

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