How to Make a Lego Heart for Valentines

When we have a poor boy one of the best ways to take his mind off being ill is to get the Lego out.   The best type of Lego days is when we find something (usually on Pinterest) with no instructions and try to rebuild it. 

I'm a bit of a craft person so of course, I LIVE on Pinterest and imagine my utter surprise and 'OMG why didn't I think to look for these before' moment when this popped up:

I asked the Lego king of the house if we had the parts to make this and just by looking at the finished image he was able to tell me exactly what pieces we needed, how many and if we could do it!  

After having a rummage it became quite clear we didn't have enough of 1 colour so we had a white edge to ours, but I'd have been happy with a rainbow heart too.

Here are the official tiles to use, but like 'us' (Lego King) I'm sure you can use a variation to make your heart.

Do let me know if you try this too or leave me a link to your creations.


  1. Oh wow, that's brilliant! That's given me some inspiration to make something other than cars and houses too! I might even try something creative with sticklebricks too!x

  2. Oh wow, what a fab idea. Definitely must try that here


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