Hybrid Duvet from Simba is the way forward

We are in the process of changing up my son's room to a more teenage area to chill since he started high school last autumn.

Over the Christmas period, tough decisions had been made as to what we would donate, what we sell and what would live in the loft!  Now we just need to wait for car boot season!

With the room culled and our wonderful M shelving moved to the dining room, the remaining furniture rearranged to make way for a desk, it just leaves his bed to sort out!

Simba Hybrid Duvet case

He currently has bunk beds but we are going to change this up too, and our first step is to get him a new duvet - and this is where Simba's Hybrid Duvet comes in.

We have been gifted the new Simba Hybrid duvet to review and you know it's something special when you get it out of the bag and can feel the difference.  It has different feels on either side of it!

Hybrid Duvet layers

The top - cotton outer is where the magic happens and if my son hadn't also confirmed this I'd have been sceptical.  The heat control technology draws heat away and provides an instant cooling sensation.  My 12-year-old described it like this: 

"I love my duvet, it's not too hot and not too cold.  If I feel hot I soon cool down 
but not cold, not uncomfortable cold and if I'm cold I warm up but not hot

I just frowned at him when he explained this until I read the description on the website!

Simba duvets comes in a study recycled storage bag which is currently being filled with items to donate to our local charity shop.

Simba also has an impressive Sustainability page on its website and boasts of the following:

-    2022 Real Home Awards Eco Brand of the Year
-    Net Zero commitment by 2030.
-    Proudly made in Britain
-    Continue to use and research the right materials to use, such as sustainable wood
-    Setting up a mattress recycling centre.
-    Nothing wasted - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ethos is used.

Simba is a company I can really get behind, not just for its comfort in duvets but its strong eco ethos on wanting to make a difference, a positive change with its sustainability promise.


  • Comfort
  • No overheating
  • Sustainability 
  • Made in the UK


  • Expensive

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