Father's Day Craft with #TruprintDads

I love Father's Day!  A phrase I didn't think I'd hear myself say before I had my son!

I love finding unique and unusual gifts to surprise the best man on the planet with.  I love that Max 'helps' daddy unwrap his presents after telling him exactly what is in it and most of all, I love creating something unique.

This year is no different.  My man loves his family, old cars, spoiling us and Lego, so this year I got a canvas designed from Truprint which almost choked him up!  To me, that's a good sign, means I got the right pressie :-)

Father's Day gifts with #TruprintDads
What daddy loves the most
I can't tell you (yet) what the purchased item for daddy is as this post is going live before Father's day and I'd like at least 1 thing to be a surprise (it won't be, he just looks at me and seems to guess straight away what I've bought him!!).  Saying that, if you're looking for ideas Truprint have a fantastic Father's Day gift range and a special offer on at the moment.  If you use code LOVEMYDAD you can bag yourself money off on all orders over £20.

So our craft item this year involved a photo and Lego.  Now I used a print out from my home computer but in hindsight a photo print (that you can order direct from  Truprint) would have worked much better!

This will keep daddy and kids quiet for quite some while!!

Choose your favourite photo, I know, this could be quite a task!  I chose my favourite one of the lads on the beach.

Father's Day gifts with #TruprintDads
Love this piccie of my boys
Then, I had to open up a spreadsheet to mark out the word DAD so I knew what Lego bricks to find.  This took some faffing around to do!

Click image to enlarge
After having a good rummage in the Lego boxes whilst the boys were out I managed to get the majority of what I needed.  I just had to order a few bricks off eBay as I didn't want a rainbow effect.

I then set about making my plaque

Father's Day gifts with #TruprintDads
My sneaky batch of Lego
Father's Day gifts with #TruprintDads
Building up my Lego
Father's Day gifts with #TruprintDads
Takes a while.....
Father's Day gifts with #TruprintDads
Finally finished - may want to take a photo for reference....
Try to use larger bricks where possible.  It becomes fiddly and very hard to put back together again with 1x1 squares.

I flipped the image and glued my photo on the back.  This is where Truprint photos would work best, with a glossy finish a size 7" x 5" print would leave a nice border around the edge of the above plaque which is the same size as a 24 x 16 base plate.

Father's Day gifts with #TruprintDads
Glue your image on the back of the Lego image
I left my image overnight to stick to the Lego.  I did find that the blue came through ever so slightly so another reason to use a photo print rather than paper.

Once the glue was set I used my craft knife to cut the Lego pieces.  The best way I found was to fold the Lego onto itself and slice the bend with the knife.  This is a slow process and patience is needed.

Father's Day gifts with #TruprintDads
Creating Lego Jigsaw
Because it's paper I covered each brick with Mod Podge to make it last.  Once dried I checked each one to make sure there is no overflowing glue around the sides.

Trust me it was worth it!  I got my boy to give daddy is craft project... I know it's early but that's just how we roll.....

And it took them AGES to put all the pieces back together again - and it was lovely to watch.

Father's Day gifts with #TruprintDads
Helping put the pieces back together again
Father's Day gifts with #TruprintDads
Still at it

Father's Day gifts with #TruprintDads
Max soon wondered off.....Daddy stayed the course

Do let me know if you try this, it really is good fun for any Lego mad daddy

Happy Father's Day

Disclaimer : The canvas in this post was received free of charge 
in exchange for a craft post for #TruPrintDads

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  1. What a lovely idea - patience required but so worth it! Gorgeous picture too :-)


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