How to create your own Father's Day Lego Gift

Our craft item this year involved a photo and Lego.  I used a printout from my home computer but if you don't have access to a computer, you can use online services such as Truprint for a quality photo.

This gift will keep any daddy/carer and the children quiet for quite some while!!

Choose your favourite photo, I know, this could be quite a task!  

Selecting a beach photo to place on the back of Lego

I had to open up a spreadsheet to mark out the word DAD so I knew what Lego bricks to use.  This took some time to get right!

After having a good rummage in the Lego boxes whilst the boys were out I managed to get the majority of what I needed.  I just had to order a few bricks off eBay as I didn't want a rainbow effect.

I then set about making my plaque

Selecting Blue and White Lego pieces to make a Father's Day Gift

Building up the Lego Plaque for Father's Day

Building up the Lego Plaque for Father's Day
Building up the Lego Plaque for Father's Day
Try to use larger bricks where possible.  It becomes fiddly and very hard to put back together again with 1x1 squares.

I flipped the plaque and glued my photo on the back.  This is where a Truprint photo would work best, with a glossy finish a size 7" x 5" print would leave a nice border around the edge of the above plaque which is the same size as a 24 x 16 base plate.

Father's Day gifts with #TruprintDads
I left my image overnight to stick to the Lego.  I did find that the blue came through ever so slightly so maybe thicker paper or a photo print might work better.

Once the glue was set I used my craft knife to cut the Lego pieces.  The best way I found was to fold the Lego onto itself and slice the bend with the knife.  This is a slow process and patience is needed.

Creating Lego Jigsaw

Because it's paper I covered each brick with Mod Podge to make it last.  Once dried I checked each one to make sure there is no overflowing glue around the sides.

It took them AGES to put all the pieces back together again - and it was lovely to watch.

Father's Day gifts with #TruprintDads

Father's Day gifts with #TruprintDads
Max soon wandered off.....Daddy stayed the course

Do let me know if you try this, it really is good fun for any Lego mad daddy

Happy Father's Day

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  1. What a lovely idea - patience required but so worth it! Gorgeous picture too :-)


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