Why not bring Science home with Button Books Science School

Science School is the awesome new book by Laura Minter & Tia Williams which details 30 fantastic STEM experiments to try at home.

Science School STEM experiments book for children

For children aged 5 - 11 / ISBN 9781787081062 / RRP £12.99

About Science School

Good scientists learn through experimenting, observing what happens, and discussing their findings - and that's exactly what kids will do when using this book!  Science School by Laura Minter and Tia Williams teaches children about the basic principles of science through 30 exciting experiments and crafts that can be done at home, using everyday objects and materials around you.

Why do bubbles hold their shape?  how does an electric circuit work?  What makes popcorn pop?  Can an egg bounce?  If you thought that science can only be practised wearing white coats in a sterile laboratory, think again!  A brilliant way to link the STEM/STEAM themes being taught at school back to your home in a fun and fascinating way.  Perfect for the budding scientist who loves to as ... "why?"

Instructions on how to make Rainbow Oobleck

The projects work through the basic principles of physics, biology and chemistry through fun crafts and amazing experiments.  It is designed to inspire children to become science detectives and activate enquiring minds.  Activities include making slime, hot ice, baking soda fizz bombs, coloured milk, making your own crystals, invisible ink, soda bottle ecosystem and many more.

My thoughts on Science School

What a great book!  Last summer we spent a lot of time making rockets and volcano eruptions from vinegar, experimenting with food colours in various liquids and making eggs bounce, so to have all that fun in one book is a great go-to resource.

Whatever your age, there is something for everyone's taste in this book.  I like the experiments that fascinate like the volcano in a bottle or self-inflating balloons.  My son likes an air of mystery such as creating messages with invisible ink and seeing how far into the air items fly!

Using household objects, or easily sourced materials, this book is a wonderful collection for all parents and carers who want to wow their children and help broader their minds with the wonders of science, without the need to be a scientist themselves.


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