Creating a Marvel themed bedroom

Well, we've finally moved out, moved in and unpacked and if the bathroom wasn't such a 'public' place, my boy's room would have been the first room we tackled.  It was the first (and only) room we painted and this started before we even moved in by painting one of his walls 'Spider-man' red.

Creating a Spider-man red wall
Whilst waiting for the centre piece to arrive and be placed on this lovely new red wall, we bought a blue (Spider-man blue) blackout blind from Argos as Max's room is now East facing and we learnt very early on that the sun, as lovely as it is to shine in his room, pops by just a wee bit too early for us.  The only downside to this blind is there is actually 3 small holes down one side of the blind!  I can see the masking tape coming out to fix that!

Anyway, back to the fun parts of his room.  Back in March I wrote a post on our wish list for this room and created a Pinterest board, which I found myself referring back to AND ordering from! I know!  I used Pinterest in a functional manner and not just a dreaming program!

From the pin below, we did actually buy Max storage units from Ikea, but by the time we'd added all his toys - it looked nothing like the staged photos of a perfect boy's bedroom...................

Ikea storage boxes before the toys moved in.....
What the Ikea storage units now look like!
Storage units now the toys have moved in!
After telling us for the last month he wanted a 'Hulk Smash' hand light, he changed his mind at the last minute and we now have a Captain America shield.... it's all Marvel so of course it still looks very cool.

Putting up the crack in the wall
Crack done, guidelines shown for the shield itself
Placed just above his bed where he wanted it
Before the final piece, we added the comic canvases we purchased from B&Q in the sale last year - all under the supervision of our son.

Sneaky little DC canvas made his way on to the wall.....
Our final piece is the Spider and quote vinyl sticker.  This is why we painted the wall red.

THE Spider-man quote
With great painted walls comes great vinyls
The quote went on lovely but the Spider, due to its size is definitely a 2 man job.  As with the bathroom vinyl the spider was trying to wrap back up on itself, so with one holding the spider on the wall the other can very slowly peeling back the paper.

Preparing the Sticker
The only spider he's ever going to get that close to ;)
And doesn't it look fabulous?

So proud
So proud of Max's room, Max loves it and we spend a lot of time in there these days.


  1. That bedroom is super cool!! Even the sneaky DC fits in really. Love the Captain America shield! x

    1. Thank you Donna, we are very proud of it :D

  2. I love this! The Ikea kids units are so handy and they fit in really well. I want the Hulk light so bad!

    1. hehe thanks Angela, I love spending time in there just as much as he does :) (I so wanted the hulk light too)


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