Marvel Collectors Corp Unboxing

First Marvel Collector Corps Mystery Box
Has the time come?  Have I finally found my perfect geeky mystery box?

Marvel and Funko have teamed up to produce the ultimate mystery box every other month, this is big news, this is big companies.... and this is one box that I won't be continuing with when my subscription finishes!!......

Yeah, I know, MARVEL, FUNKO, geek boxes - this ticks all the right boxes except one..... at £40 a POP (see what I did there....) this is way too rich for my blood!!

Let's rewind, shall we?

I've been reviewing various mystery boxes over the year on the hunt for my perfect one (for my family which may not suit all) it's been, and continues to be fun and I did think that the arrival of the Marvel Collectors Corp box would put an end to my search.........

This is a new box.  The first box was sent out in April, the Funko Pop was not a surprise as the Hulkbuster had been plastered all over Collectors Corp's Facebook page, but what else came in the box, now that was the surprise.

I almost have as much fun creating these as opening the boxes ;)

The box itself is pretty cool, and very impressive and as I had to pick mine up from the post office I was in smug mode coming home!

New Marvel Collector Corps April Box
Rather impressive inside too!
As I said, the Hulkbuster was no surprise, so you get to see him first.  He is by far the heaviest of the POPs.  I have no idea how much he weighs and after his initial handling of him, this bad boy now sits up high above all other POPs with Stay Puff and both Baymax 6"s out the way of tiny hands who want to Hulk smash him on the table...... (see the video for reference).

Hulkbuster - Exclusive to Marvel Collector corps and going for a song on eBay!
The badges are pretty cool, one iron on and one pin - both of which are on my son's favourite hoodie (I know right, I iron!!)

Collector Corps Badges
Rather snazzy Avengers comic book
Marvel Avengers
A less than impressive T-Shirt!  This may be because I've been spoilt in the past with custom Tees from Infinity Crate (Supernatural Tee STILL being my favourite).

Collector Corps April T-Shirt
Finally, I do rather love this little Ultron Dorbz

Ultron Dorbz Exclusive

So what do you think? Do you think this box is worth £40?  I'm not convinced of it myself, saying that, the Hulkbuster IS going for silly money on eBay....

6 bids already and doesn't finish for 2 more days!!! (THIS IS NOT MINE!!)

The cost of the box is $25
Shipping to the UK is $18
Convert that to GBP = £28 (approximately)
Customs and Royal Mail charges = £11.40
and THAT is how the £40 price tag is calculated

Too rich for my blood and for that I will give it its own special mention but will not be rating it in my top geeky boxes.  It is, at the end of the day, in a league of its own!

I'm sure there are going to be die-hard fans who totally disagree with me - but this is my blog and my opinion!

I'll leave you with my 3 years old doing his first unboxing on YouTube - enjoy



  1. I can see how if you're non-US, the price could add up! It's a shame shipping can't be a little lower! I love the box though and can't see what comes next!

    1. Absolutely B, for Americans it is a great box to own cost wise.


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