National Upcycling Day with Gumtree's #UpcyleRevolution

I am so proud to be part of Gumtree's #UpcycleRevolution campaign.  I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, from making my garden planter, attending the #UpcycleRevolution event and joining in the chatter on Twitter.

My previous post here explains what Gumtree are trying to achieve with the #UpcycleRevolution tag and Wednesday 24th June will see the first National Upcycling Day as promoted by Gumtree.  Pretty exciting stuff eh?

Upcycling is for everyone!  If you have an old piece of furniture that is no longer needed, look at it again and think about what you could use it for, the only limit is your imagination!  But trust me, I am no professional upcycler and if I can take an old chest of drawers and transform them into a garden planter - then you can too!

I often have a Marvel, Lego or general geeky feel to my pieces and you can see them if you roam around my navigation links at the top.  I don't set out with a piece in mind, the piece finds me!  I often roam around Gumtree and if I see a piece I can transform and within budget, I will buy it and that is what happened with my planter.

Unwanted item up for sale on Gumtree #UpcycleRevolution
Unwanted item up for sale on Gumtree #UpcycleRevolution

Adding some colour and Garden Paint #UpcycleRevolution
Adding some colour and Garden Paint #UpcycleRevolution

Making use of the good drawer #UpcycleRevolution
Making use of the drawers #UpcycleRevolution

My finished Upcycled Piece #UpcycleRevolution
My finished Upcycled Piece #UpcycleRevolution

So as you can see, I still managed to sneak in a little bit of Marvel on the side and thought it was quite fitting to add Groot :-)

My lovely little Petunias got sent up to London to the launch party of the #UpcycleRevolution.

The night was a great success, I met fellow bloggers and upcyclers and the pieces everyone upcycled was pretty amazing!  My personal favourite was an old unit that had been transformed into a pet house.

So what is going to happen to our fabulous upcycled pieces?  Well, they're going to be sold on Gumtree of course, with all proceeds going to our chosen charities and as I mentioned in my previous post, mine is WADARS - Worthing and District Animals Rescue Services, who look after all our animals - domestic and wild.

Watch out for Gumtree's post on National Upcycling Day for more details on all the pieces upcycled - you can always catch it on the Twitter #UpcycleRevolution tag too.

Finally, on National Upcycling Day the fabulous Max McMurdo will be taking over the Gumtree Twitter account from 1pm - 2.30pm to answer any questions you may have on upcycling.  I've set the time in my calendar as I really do feel this is going to be a great Twitter party.  


  1. Your finished piece looks fantastic, such a great idea and I love the colours! x

    1. Thank you Donna, I do love the colouring too :-)


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