Review: Feeling younger in my skin with Replen 10

Replen 10 Wrinkle Reducing Masks
Replen 10 Wrinkle Reducing Masks
I was recently given a fantastic opportunity to trial the new Replen 10 range from Pasante, (I know I hear you I'm far too young.......) but truth be told I may feel young, act young (or like a kid) but my skin is showing that things are starting to crease, wrinkle and droop!

Unfortunately, Replen 10 cannot help with the gravitational pull to certain parts but what it has done for me over the past 5 weeks is give my skin a smoother feel, reduce the appearance of fine lines and build confidence within me!

Created by Geneve Labarotorie, Replan 10 contains advanced collagen and hyaluronic acid formula which has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles - and you know what, it does!!

The wrinkle-reducing face mask pack comes with 3 masks, ideally to be used each week for best results.  These are slippery little suckers and care must be taken when opening the packets as the masks are in a lot of liquid.  Once positioned correctly I just chilled out for half an hour for a much-needed break.

My favourite bit is peeling off the mask as you can feel how smooth the mask has made your face feel.
The wrinkle-reducing lip mask also comes in a pack of 3 and I found this to be a bit fiddly and rather slippery to apply but maybe because this was the first of the products I tried.  On inspecting my lips 30 minutes later it does indeed appear to reduce the fine lines just above my top lip and make my skin around my lips feel so much smoother, and it was this that gave me a little confidence boost within myself.
Feeling much smoother after a Replen10 lip mask treatment
Feeling much smoother after a Replen10 lip mask treatment

I found the eye masks most effective and the easiest to apply out of the masks.  Not sure if it' the shape or just getting used to the texture and feel of these masks but these went on very well and very easy.  After 30 minutes it did seem to unpack a bit of that baggage under my eyes and reduce the lines that baggage causes.  I would definitely purchase these.

Clearly reduced the crows feet with Replen10
Clearly reduced the crows feet with Replen10

But by far my favourite item is the Replen10 Wrinkle Reducing Collagen Powder!  This is something new to me, and it still amazes me when I use it (daily!).  I started using this on Tuesday ready for the Gumtree #UpcycleRevolution event and have used it every day since.

I love this product!

It is currently on sale for £39.99 and for a limited time there are 3 free gifts with it and the gifts.... are the three I've mentioned above!! So you can get all 4 of these products for £40 for those just hitting 40...... or not, like me........

For this price, it is well worth a buy, the collagen powder can be used daily, for special events or with the mask, and if nothing else, it makes you feel good within yourself.  Well, it did for me.

I received Replen10 products from Pasante to review.
The above wording is all my own and not influenced by products received

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