Review: Fun to Learn First Friends Magazine

First Friends magazine is the only multi-character magazine which is aimed specifically at toddlers and parents.
Fun to Learn First Friends Magazine 
We were recently given the opportunity to review the brand spanking new children's magazine - Fun to Learn First Friends and I must say I'm very happy with this one.

Over the pa,st year we've gone through quite a few children magazines in our house, and it's usually driven by the toy on the front... which then lasts about a day, 2 at best before it's knackered and the magazine doesn't get a look in - sounds familiar?

I'm rather pleased to report that this didn't happen with the First Friends magazine.  Max was immediately drawn to the adorable Hungry Caterpillar tea set (which is still going strong 3 weeks on!), but he's also been taking an interest the magazine itself.

This may be because this magazine is the only multi-character magazine which is aimed specifically at toddlers and parents.  Therefore, we were able to go through the magazine together and talk about each page, be it sticker related, colouring or completing mazes and characters that we know very well such as Elmer and the Gruffalo.

The magazine currently lives on the dining room table and every couple of days or so we go through another few pages after dinner and before bed, it's a nice way to just sit together and chat before the bedtime routine kicks in.

The magazine is designed to inspire and entertain 2 - 4 year olds and is rather reasonably priced at £2.99 and as an added bonus - for my comping friends - watch out for the first issue as there is also a chance for your little one to win a prizes or to :-)

Disclaimer : I received First Friends from Redan to review.
The above wording is all my own and not influenced over products received.

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  1. this looks similar to another magazine that Miss T likes. She has recently started asking for magazines with all her favourite characters in so will look out for this one. x


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