Nerd Block Sci-Fi December Unboxing.

Nerd Block Unboxing December Sci-Fi Box
What's in my Nerd Block Sci-Fi Box for December?
The wonderful people at Nerd Block have come up with a new theme for their mystery boxes - and the theme much to my delight is SCI-FI!  I'm in heaven!!

I've received two of these boxes now with the 3rd box on its way to me as I type!  I know I say this on nearly all my subscription box reviews, but guys, this may be the one!!

The smalls that come with the Sci-Fi December Nerd Block
In my December box, I got a few little pieces such as an X-Files badge - which sits very nicely with my Mulder Funko Pop.  A Star Trek Tribble, which I love purely for the fact we are going through the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle' stage at home, and one of the episodes has the turtles watching a Star-Trek 'ish' program and the Tribbles are on there!!  So, of course, the boy's got that screen cleaner, and finally a ray-gun keyring, an accessory no handbag is complete without.

Firefly POP in December's Nerd Block sci fi box
This month, whilst Nerd Block does not guarantee a Pop in every box.... I got Zoe Washburne from Firefly - A series I have never got round to watching but have since added it to my 'watch list' which I might binge watch soon seeing as all my favourite shows are on Christmas Break!.

Star Wars T-shirt from December Sci Fi Nerd Block Unboxing
My T-Shirt came in perfect time!  No guesses as to what I wore on the 17th December......

I've saved my favourite until last as always, these have been put away as I have no idea what I want to do with them right now, but I know I want to do something special with them!  How blooming fantastic are these Star Wars Prints??  I love them!!

So what do you think?  Obviously a whole Star Wars presence in both boxes to date, and rightly so.  Have you seen Star Wars VII yet?  I have soo many questions.

Here's to January's box....

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