The Day we lost a Legend - David Bowie R.I.P.

My first memories of hearing David Bowie's music is back in the early 80s when my sister was listening to Lets Dance and China Girl on her record player with the 7inches laying on her floor.

I have to admit, as a kid, I was completely unsure and unappreciative of his music and whenever I heard it blaring out of my sister's room I pictured the now infamous image above and silently enjoyed what was coming out of her room.

Then along came Labrinth and my love for the Goblin King began.  The Magic Dance song is sung around my house (right up to last week when I introduced this film to my son for the first time).

The man was a musical revolutionarily, not afraid to be different, to be true to himself and to make what he wanted happen.  After the announcement of his death on Monday, it was very clear how many lives he touched around the world, the power of the internet showed just how popular he is!

Hearing of his death upset me far more than I would have ever imaged!  I shed a tear when the radio played China Girl on my way to work.  I got upset changing my ringtone back to Life on Mars and got emotional all over again on the way home when Heroes was played!

After watching American Horror Story and Jessica Lange singing Life on Mars, I decided to buy the best of David Bowie and find that love for my Goblin King all over again, maybe this is why it's hit my so hard, I've only just found him again.

The world has lost a legend this week.  This post is to thank David Bowie for his musical genius, for daring to be different, influencing fashion and being a fabulous Goblin King.

Rest in Peace my Goblin King.

David Bowie 08.01.1947 - 10.01.2016


  1. He was the fabulous Goblin King and my first love. I am so glad that you are introducing you child to the wonders of Labyrinth. I can't wait to say my niece. What a legend


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