Why wont the authorities help this father?!

I see all over my twitter feed celebrities re-tweeting anti-bullying messages.  I see schools promoting 'zero tolerance for bullying' posters, I hear of all the work my local council is doing to stop bullying and then I read this on my Facebook newsfeed and it breaks my heart!

Feel absolutely lost. Very few people know what I’m about to post. My two youngest children Millie (11) and Braiden (9)...
Posted by Christopher Cooper on Wednesday, 16 March 2016

That right there is every parent's worst nightmare when their children leave their loving homes to walk to school and back.

The fact that this man has felt his only option now is to post on Facebook and let the world in on his pain and suffering over his children being bullied, over he, himself now being investigated by the police is a sad situation to be in.

To approach the school and be told "it was nothing to do with them as it was outside the school (despite their own bullying policy saying otherwise)"  shocks me!  I was always told that as soon as we had our school uniforms on we represented the school regardless of where we were!  This just reaks of sloppy shoulders to me.  I've slightly lost my faith in 'anti-bullying school posters' now!

At his wits end he went to the parents, to let them know what has been happening no doubt, and rather having the parents apologise for their children's vile behaviour - they reported him!  "PC Greg told me he wasn’t interested in investigating the assault – instead he wanted to investigate me for wanting to challenge the parent".  I have slightly lost a bit of faith in the local authorities for not acting on the root of the problem and going after the father instead!

How sad it has come to this "As a father I have always taught my kids right from wrong, and yet no one in authority, both the school and the police have shown any desire to protect them! Following the incident I have withdrawn both from school for their own safety, and yet I have not received any contact from the school or the education authority to resolve the issues, it appears the bullies have far more rights than the victims."

My son starts school in September, and as with every parent who's child starts school this is right up there as the number one worry and since reading Christopher's post on the 16th - this is all I've been thinking about.

I hope he gets the justice he deserves and his children flourish with the care and guidance of their father.


  1. I really hope this gets sorted out for him. Sadly there is shocking stuff that happens in schools and the actual schools can get away with so much too if they are not honest and accountable - We learnt this the hard way and we were left with no option but to remove our children from school too for their own safety. Poor kids and poor guy - really hope it gets sorted. x

    1. I hope so too, I will be following his story with interest, but I'm sure his children will be far better educated with him at home than suffering in school.


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