5 Fandom Friday - Geeky Tattoos I Want

5 geeky tattoos I want
Oh Hello Fandom Friday, how I've missed you!

Those new to following my blog may not be aware of this fabulous Friday theme run each month and updated by the lovely Nerdy Girlie.  It's a great way for fellow female geeky bloggers to write up a themed post each Friday and share it with each other over on Google+.... but I'm soo crap at keeping up to date with this it's unreal, so here I am on the 4th (yes 2 weeks early), writing up my 3 ( I know, it's not 5, but I don't actually want 5 geeky ones, so here are my 3) Favourite Geeky tattoos I want...

For a while now (about 10 years!) I've quite fancied having a dragon tattoo on the inside of my wrist with his tail wrapping around the outside and up my hand.  But the only reason why I have not got this done is at the end of the day, I have an office job, and whilst my current employer may be OK with tattoos, not all are..... but maybe one day soon.

what are my favorite tattoo ideas?

The next tattoo will not come as a surprise to many, and I may get this one by the summer, up there on the back of my neck..... Always ;-)

And finally, the last of the 3 I want, I've wanted for many, many years, but have no idea where to have it!  I could have it on my chest, but I think it looks far better on the boys chests don't you agree??
ohh I know where I'd like these.... tattoos!

Maybe I'll have this one behind my ear, or, I have a tattoo on my ankle, and I'm thinking the anti-possession supernatural tattoo might complement it rather well on my other foot, what do you think?


  1. I've not got any tattoos but I definitely think if I did it would be something HP related, maybe just the three stars from the book pages would be a good starter tattoo

    1. So many beautiful HP tattoos around, I love the idea of the stars

  2. Oh I really like the Always one :)


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