When do you stop wearing boots?

when do you stop wearing boots?
Autumn - time to get the boots out....
It's almost here isn't it, spring is coming and whilst this is an exciting time for new garden activities, outdoor fun and the sunshine, it's also the time to review your footwear!

I don't know about you but I've lived in all sorts of boots over winter, all of which have been Knee High Boots.  I love how boots make me feel and if I could, I would wear them all year round, but with spring here and the lambing season starting this weekend then it's time for one last purchase or two for the farms and the April showers.
April Showers bring May Flowers
To my delight, MandMDirect have a great selection of boots at crazy prices!  Thinking of trips to the farms coming up I'm loving these Firetrap Lexi Boots - less than £40!!

Perfect don't you think?

Also, as I mentioned we may be entering our spring season but we also have March winds and April showers and although I'm 5'9' and a lover of boots - I also like a bit of a heel so for the wet weather I'm rather favouring these Firetrap Quartz boots.

I must say there are other brands on the MandMDirect website other than Firetrap, such as Ugg, Timberlands and Lotus and at extremely low prices.  So whilst I decide on which of the boots to see me through spring I must now go and put my beautiful snow boots away that I never even got to wear this winter .....

Or will I...............

when do you stop wearing boots?
I love my snow boots but will we see a white Easter?


This post is in collaboration with M& MDirect


  1. Hadn't heard of this website, but just taken a quick look and wow loads of great prices. Will be heading back for some shopping

    1. Great prices aren't they! I need to wait until payday :-(

  2. I wear boots year round. I don't care what the weather is like. LOL I just love my boots.

    1. Oh I hear you, I'm a lover of boots too :)


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